Non-lethal wolf cattle mitigation

Supporting Ranchers

Valued-Added Beef Products

Our Projects

  • Provide a local ownership of progress and a path forward

  • Be a voice for local ranchers

  • Collaborate by finding common ground and progress with ranchers, range riders, agencies such as USFS, WDFW, political representatives, County  Commissioners, and Sheriff’s Departments

  • Provide Ranchers with non-lethal tools such as fladry, fox lights and human presence

  • Use range riding to protect and observe cattle, detect predator sign, and find depredations

  • Develop Husbandry Practices, Use Herd Cohesion, Explore Natural Defense Strategies

  • Assist with Carcass disposal

  • Learn new predator mitigation tools and methods possibly from other areas, and share them with the community                   

Assist ranchers by finding a path to markets for products that demonstrate a commitment to coexist with wildlife